Remote working in the Orne in Normandy

St Céneri le Gérei

The Orne is a department in Lower Normandy, France. Within easy reach of Paris, Brittany and the Loire Valley, the Orne prides itself on its dynamic and innovative economy; which covers sectors as diverse as agribusiness & agriculture, manufacturing, R&D, horse breeding, plastics and ITC.

The Orne is an area with a rich natural and cultural heritage; and the birthplace of the Camembert cheese, the Percheron horse and the famed Alençon lace. With its architectural treasures, active cultural calendar, preserved landscapes and gastronomic delights, the Orne isn’t just the perfect destination for tourists. It also offers a wealth of opportunities for families and businesses looking to relocate.

Working in the Orne

At the beginning of 2010, Orne Council launched an operation for the creation of telecentres (office spaces for remote workers) across the Orne. These offices are accessible 24/7 and offer all the usual facilities needed by workers: meeting rooms, offices, coworking areas, high-speed broadband, office and videoconference equipment. Five centres are open today, another five are in progress. Telcentres created by the council are labelled "Nom@des100".

About this site

This website offers information about remote working and telecentres in the Orne (in French). Each telecentre has its own mini-site, where you can find practical information as well as upcoming events, etc. If you are a remote worker living in the Orne, you can register on the site and create a public profile for your business activity. You can also use our directory to find collaborators for your projects. If you become a member of a given telecentre, you can also book their resources online (rooms, equipment, etc).

Next steps - who can help

If you are interested in setting up a business, or if you are looking to relocate to the Orne, there are several structures and websites that can provide help and advice along the way.

Orne Développement

The department’s economic expansion agency. As a partner of Orne Council, it works with stakeholders and communities to provide a one stop shop for business advice and support. Several of their Project Managers speak English.

The website ‘Where business works’

This site offers downloadable factsheets in English about the most important sectors of industry, as well as resources and statistics about the Orne.

Orne Council

An English language website, where you can find out more about the local authority and the services it offers.


An Anglo-French network which brings together 1,700 members for social, cultural and business exchange.

Orne Tourisme

If you’d like to know more about the sights and flavours of the Orne, visit the Tourist Board’s English website. It also features ‘Orne, by the Britons that stayed’ profiles.